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Frankenmuth is well-known for its Christmas trees and chicken dinners, but there's more going on around here for those willing to look more closely. Prost Wine Bar and Charcuterie represents one of the greatest examples of these, offering both a wine list that's rapidly expanding to a charcuterie board that boasts examples of meatcraft from Italy to Spain and beyond. Whether here for a bite, a sip, or both at once, Prost will have you covered.

“Best Wine Bar in Michigan” -Best Things Michigan

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On the search for the best “mom-drunk” wine bars around the Country, Buzzfeed reached out to Yelp to get their assistance on determining which wine bars are the best in each State. Check out the list below!

“Best Wine Bar in Every State” -Buzzfeed

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Zak McClellan saw an opportunity for a new kind of business in Frankenmuth, one very different from the sweet shops his family now runs in the popular tourist town.

Prost Wine Bar and Charcuterie to bring new atmosphere to Frankenmuth

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