Prost Porchetta!

Prost Porchetta!

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Prost is looking to jazz up your Thanksgiving dinner with our House made Porchetta!

Pork Tenderloin wrapped in Pork Belly, seasoned and cooked in the sous vide to tender perfection! All you have to do is unwrap and bake it in the oven to crisp and firm the roast!

We'll send you home with instructions on warming as well as our favorite accompanying sauce.

$65 for 6-7lbs, available for pre-order now through Saturday the 21st. Pick up on Wednesday the 25th.

** At home porchetta baking: Oven 350 for 1 hour, increase heat to 375 for an additional hour.  Interior temp to reach 160 degrees. Though the porchetta will be already cooked when you receive it by the sous vide, for re-heating and to crisp the exterior, we recommend the internal temp of 160.